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What have people been running for a chain guide for an xc style/commuter bike.

I have got a bike im building up, and running 1 x 9spd and its hard tail and wasnt planning on running triple chain rings as its going to be a commuter style bike to ride to work.

So it doesnt have, chain guide mounts i was looking at the MRP or E13 style units what are peoples thoughts on these units are they worth it or junk?


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for commuting ??

must be some rough roads where you live :)
not really.. but last think i want is my chain to come as im bunny hoping over gutters on the way to work..

i have see to many people knacker themselves as the chain as slipped off the front ring.


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Perhaps an MRP 1x or e13 equivalent? Can get BB mount version and don't cause too much pedalling resistance


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Hey Morkz. Why do you want to go 1 x 9 anyway? Not having a go at you but I did a similar thing before I bought the front shifter from you. Derail was a bit of a problem with a basic chain guide I made, in hindsight i could do it better for about 50 grams, but the biggest issue was having enough gears at the top end. But then maybe you want something you can spin / grind?


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if you have external bb cups then funn make a cheap and cheerful chain guide, I bought one as a spare to go on my DJ (which also has no tabs but mounted it behind the bb cups) and it works a treat for street riding, and with a sprung tensioner on the back ive not had the chain come off once yet, I think torpedo7 may still sell them.


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well the cranks i have have already a single ring.. I dont have other chain rings..

I dont have a front der nor do I have a shifter to suit..

Hence why i was thinking for the frame to run a single ring chain setup, its more for commuting then anything and running a 38th chain ring and more than likely 12-25 cassette as its mainly rd kms.. no spinning of gears..

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cSixx ST guide ... available July

Prolly over kill for what you want ... I've read your comments and understand ... but maybe try without a guide for a little bit and if your dropping the chain then look at a guide. being one that loves a good gutter huck I can't say I've lost a chain, but I don't run 1x9 etc or more likely I'm not hucking hard enough. :bowl:

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Do you still have the front deraileur? You can lock it out and maybe deform it a bit. Then get a cheap bottom roller style guide, bottom roller will stop chain flapping about, although I'm guessing you've shortened it as much as possible, so maybe don't need it on a hardtail.
I'd recommend full guide for 100% assurance. You don't need one with a bashie or Tacho/bash guard, so you should be able to get a pretty cheap one, although some of them are a bit shady. A Bashie will help keep your trousers out of the chain but. I'd just buy a second hand decent one. But if you want new, there's a ton out there.
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I used an old fornt derailleur on my 1x9 setup a couple of years ago and it worked great, took a bit of seting up and narrowing but from memory no dropped chains! If you have a decent LBS they will surely be able to chuck you a suitable mech for nix and hey if it dosent work not love (nor money) lost, if it does work well then you be laughing!


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I recently installed an e-13 bb chain guide on my XC bike for 1x9 operation. Works perfectly fine with the standard (ramped) 32 tooth chainring. It can be adjusted up for larger rings. Needed to slightly bend it so that there was no chain rub throughout the gear range. About $50 from our UK online retailers


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Mrp, e13, cSixx 1x chain guides definitely the way to go.
Especially when matched up to new Shimano detailers with the chain tensioner.

If your doing more Dh/Am type stuff or rougher faster terrain then the Mrp SL Lopes guide (no bash guard but has bottom guide roller) is pretty good. And obviously from there you have the full Dh type guides like the Mrp G2 & the e13 LG1+.

Also note 1x10 I've found much more friendly than my old 1x9. The extra gear is a god send for my skinny legs..

eg: MRP 1x on the HD - BB mount. (Also have the dedicated Mojo guide here as well if i decide to change).


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hey thanks for all the replies..

i'll try running no chain guide, but i do have a bashy at home so might put that on and make sure the chain length is fairly short so has some tension it..

otherwise i will give the mrp or e13 option a go.. as i dont have a front derailluer kicking around


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K-edge chain catcher matched to their outer ring that mounts to the outside of your cranks.




used with a


Looks like this


A little sturdier than the N-Gear Jump Stop and about the same price off eBay. This is the double ring version I'm considering - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/17085242...AX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_2205wt_812

You could pick up a single for about the same $
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You did mention this is for a commuter, right? What kinda crazy gutter drops do you have where you live! Ive been commuting 8-10km each way for 5 years, loads of gutter drops, loads of bumpy bluestone road verges and laneways in Melb, and I have never dropped a chain. I mean no disrespect, but is it really necessary? Unless you also plan to ride the same bike offroad of course....