WTSFLC Ride Thread.


Waking this thread from the dead!

Hey Guys

Its Will, Had to create a new account as I was unable to recover my old one.

Thought I would wake this thread from the dead and see who still rides? I just picked up a Canyon Spectral Trail bike and hoping to get back in to riding and even doing a a few of those Rocky Trail Entertainment Superflow races.

Anyway if anyone's keen for a reunion ride PM here or on Facebook and lets see if we cant get the old WTSFLC going again. Just dont expect too much, lost a lot of bike fitness over the years haha but will hopefully get back to where I was.

Cheers Fellas!


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I'm still around, I know a few of the others are too.. Would be amazing to get the old crew back together but there's definitely a few no longer riding. What a thread this used to be hey!


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I'm still here. It's been so long that I've lived in 2 states and 2 countries and had 2 more kids since this thread was in. I'm back in Sydney (Frenchs Forest area). Riding a pimped out Liteville 601 around the northern beaches AM and DH tracks. Currently on a break due to torn ligaments in my wrist from a fall at Mona Vale DH. I'd be down for a reunion ride as soon as I am able.