Which one - polygon Xtrada 5.0 or Trek Marlin 7?

I'm just after some advice between these 2 bikes. I have no idea on which components are better on each bike, so I have no way of comparing the 2.

https://www.bicyclesonline.com.au/2018- ... ntain-bike – $699
https://www.trekbikes.com/au/en_AU/bike ... Code=black – $849 (but can get for $721 with Bupa discount).

The prices of them both are very similar – $22 difference. They're both close by, so can pick them up easy enough. I only do a bit of trail work, so narrowed it down to these 2 bikes in my price range, but I have no idea which is better. I do notice that the polygon is 700g lighter, but wondering if they're comparing a 27.5" medium bike to the trek 29" medium bike??

Can anyone help me decide between the 2 pls?


Eats Squid
Just from having a quick look I would go the polygon. Overall a slightly better component package but not by much. Check which bike has a tapered head tube or can take tapered forks and that's probably your best bet. Depending on how set you are on a new bike there a plenty of good quality ones second hand that will have significantly better components that will save you money on upgrades later.
Thanks Litenbror. Someone else also mentioned to me that the specs were a bit better on the polygon (except the shock).

I actually made the decision to get a polygon due to the slightly better spec's, but ... when I chatted to bicycles online (polygon) I found out they no longer have a showroom (over the years, I've bought 3 bikes from them when they had a showroom in Manly Vale) so I couldn't try the bike out for size. I also asked if they did the free service if I pick the bike up and they no longer did that as well - was told they're very understaffed. Since I'm a novice with bikes and time poor I decided for the extra $22 for the trek I get a free service, free slight adjustments for the life of the bike, a shop where I could try it out for size and a shop I can take it back to if/when I have issues it became a no-brainer for me. Today I bought the trek marlin 7!

I understand that bicyclesonline have a different business model of being completely online which probably works for a lot of people, but for me (with my lack of bike knowledge) when the price is similar, it's better to go to a shop.
I did look out for 2nd hand bikes for a few weeks but there were never any I liked which were close enough for me to inspect/pick up. That example one is in Vic and I'm in Sydney.

interesting that you don't like the 2x drive train. I've never used one but was keen to try one and would've preferred that option so I could give it a go.


With 2x I just find your shifting the front alot more than 3x due to the ring sizes. If your in the small ring you'll be shifting to the larger ring to get to higher ratios and vice versa. You also shift the rear more as when you shift the front you'll often find the gear you in on the back is now a little high or low and cadence is thrown off.

With 3x you pretty much stay in middle ring until steep hills warrant the granny or big ring and shifting the front alot less than on 2x.
Try riding the 3x but don't use middle ring and you'll see what I mean.


Hi The Rabs,

Jono here from Bicycles Online. Stumbled across this thread this morning. Shame we couldn't get you on a Polygon this time, but completely understand. In an effort to improve our offering, I am interested to find out how the Bupa discount you were able to get with the Trek actually works? Do you know where I might be able to find some more info on this?