Whats Your Nick Name?


Genetic Throwback
a few people call me DF work it out for yourself. isnt true though
i dont really have a nickname. i get some thrown at me every now and then, but nothing that sticks. except for the first.

Funky Frypan

Likes Dirt
Jackka cos it was my myspace name for a while...

I dont even like the nick name jackka... it stuck.

Yeah that was a reaaaaaaaaally shit story. pointless asssss.


Likes Dirt
My nickname is...yep you guessed it, Barrington.

It all started when I came to school having to wear reading glasses.

There used to be a domino's pizza ad. on tv around last year, and there was a nerdy dude sitting on a lounge with a laptop and glasses, and he was trying to study or some crap and all his friends ran in and told him to order pizza online, his name was Barrington. Its a lame as ad, but thats how I got my nickname, sorry that this story wasnt that interesting. You probably saw all this typing from me and thought, 'oh wow this must be a good story coz its mad long' and then you read it and its mad pointless, and I guess the more and more I type random crap right now, the more its making my story look interesting because of its amount of content. I dont want to mislead you anymore, so I think I will stop typing right now.


Likes Bikes
i'm younger than all my riding mates

it allows me the joy of being called Foetus, Foets, Foety, F-Bomb the list goes on...


Likes Dirt
Noble (hence my user name i jsut added in the $ signs because i like to rag out on the 50 cent Wanna be's




and so on Noble sticks


Likes Bikes and Dirt
Ham..... my names liam, liham.. ham I know... Ham is alright though I dont mind, only my close friends call me it but. All the others call me my first name or idiot :)