what is your song ?


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You are the last one left. Your allies are all dead, you are injured, your armour is badly damaged.

As far as you can see, they swarm; a screaming, destructive force of Biblical proportions. They annihilated it all, and you are the only thing left. They’re all coming for you now. The earth rumbles underfoot.

Then you hear behind the pounding of footfalls the faint but distinct rise of a forgotten song. You have not heard it for a long time, but here and now you finally become aware of it’s true purpose; it is the track that the world ends by.

You grit your teeth. You brandish your weapon. You set your mp3 player to full volume.

What is your song ?


Porcinus Slappius
its been done to perfection already.....

tina turner, we dont need another hero...... god it must be hard for kids these days, now that everything has been done before....

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Spongeplank Dalepantski
Metallica - The Call of Ktulu

and for the record, the hordes dont have a chance in hell if they play that for me :cool: (if i can do it in serious sam, i can do it in real life :D )

Matt H

Eats Squid
Actually I'm torn between that and Suicidal Tendencies' "I shot regan". Possibly the most raging hardcore track ever written.