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Trap? What trap?
Don't take yourself to any of the Korean seafood markets if you visit Hakkers. The food comes out wriggling...

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My time in Seoul was with Kirsty who is vegetarian - so such places were not on the menu! Scoffed a stack of amazing food there though that wasnt wriggling :)


Crypto curious
"What is it, Pooh?" whispered Piglet.

"A mozzie pond, Piglet. An effing huge mozzie pond" sighed Pooh.

There's a few places that have just started filling now the river has nearly peaked. Which I reckon means they're going to be left full once it drops.

Mozzies for months!
5yrs at my current job, I've never seen mozzies in the workshop until now.

They are fucking out of control already and only going to get worse unfortunately.