What does your day look like?


Likes Dirt

It’s big and silly , I don’t want one but the tech is interesting ( esp the application of the hybrid stuffs )

The other ones that interests me is the new outlander phev - Or a RAV4/Lexus platforms .

And just a hint , these redonkualus huge trucks are not going away , prepare to be tailgated by a tradie in the near future


call me Cáitín
Tundra TRD Pro, same engine as the 300 LC but with hybrid.

Looks interesting but would be fckn expensive if it ever came here.



call me Cáitín
Fckn computers !

Had the dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) happening since the latest Windows update.

Somehow in the middle of that fiasco, I had a bright idea to upgrad my router to a Wifi6 unit and caused another clusterfuck.

Decided this morning to do a custom windows install (keep files) at 8am, got the BSOD while installing which sent the computer in to a repeated BSOD loop.

Its a brick without a clean install... Complete clean install of Windows 10 pro, now taken another full day to do that and install all new proper drivers and a few of my programs from before + disable all the fluff that comes with Windows.

Hollllly shit its rocket ship, even Zwift boots up to start in 15 seconds.

Pissing down outside anyway, alternative was internal house painting, I can do that tomorrow maybe.

pink poodle

I am originally from such a place haha.

yeah good day, snowing heavily when I got to the car park and turned into bluebird soon after. Typical heavy wet(ish) Aussie stuff, but plenty of fun to be had.
I'll take slush over ice every time. As long as it isn't sticky it's happy days.

pink poodle

Went to a friend's place out of town. He has a bit of space and we wandered around a bit, there's the beginnings of a bike track. I found this mushroom/toadstool while wandering around. I ate it about 1.5 hours ago...still nothing. I'm a little underwhelmed.