What does your day look like?

pink poodle

Our man isn't in the West
Fucking hell! I just saw a recumbent tandem bike with 2 old fuckers in it. Possibly the stupidest bike I have seen in my life. Oh wait...a douche bag on a stealth B-52 mullet just came past. Those oldies didn't hold their title for long! And yes, stealth man was fat and middle aged riding without a helmet on a shared path in the city with his huge chunky dh style tyres, and what I glimpsed of his spec was shit.

Mr Crudley

Wheel size expert
It’s certainly been great for my mental health!

Unfortunately there’s been no improvement in my game however.
You have some time to perfect your game now.

Next thing you know, you will be somewhere in the UK in smoky bar competing with a few larger rotund gentlemen over a few pints of lager while someone yells out '140' each time you throw.

You will be bringing home the silverware for sure :)

Get on it.