What does your day look like?

pink poodle

Our man isn't in the West
^ liberties of being covid free aside, I got so busy at work today I had to sell my lunch to a customer. I have just finished a bag of wasabi peas for lunch, so it isn't all loss. But the lunch I had planned looked pretty good and the customer certainly enjoyed it.


"I am over 1000 kg"
When I bought my home in 2003 the street was full of pensioners and small time hoods. The houses were all 30+ years old and there was a teaching vineyard and the end of the court behind a cyclone fence. It have a lovely untouched 70s vibe to it. Last year the house next door was replaced by a two storey McMansion with fake grass and white stones. At the start of this year the vineyard was bulldozed for a public green space. Today our neighbours on the other side tell us they have plans in council for a subdivision to put a two storey house in their backyard as a retirement plan.
I spent a mountain of time and money updating this house to get it to the point where my wife loves it. Not anymore.
I am tired.
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