What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


Dr. Beebenson, PhD HA, ST, Offset (hons)


Down on the left!
Who won?

Pleased to see the GG out again, but look at you going full Maxxis fanboi!
GG Rocks! I love that bike.
Maxxis- Not really. I prefer my Michellins but the new yellow and blue logo I can’t deal with. At any rate I find the Assguy/dissector combo behave almost identically. Still got a stockpile of OG Michelins in 29 though.


Likes Dirt
I absolutely LOVE IT! I'm so happy.

2021 (2022?) Merida E160 700.

I was struggling to ride my conventional bike for more than 30 minutes due to chemo.... today I rode this thing 15km, largely in ECO mode and after a full night without sleep (was out fishing all night). I still got excercise, but I didn't have to deal with having to stop due to muscle weakness.

Absolutely amazing.

Best part is, it's an $8k bike new. I scored it for $4900 at 2 months old and only 80km on the ODO.



Likes Dirt
Family rail trail outing - sticking with the new Gravelburn ethos took the new Gravel bike out. Took every bit of single track I could and started to think "yeah maybe sus forks makes sense on a gravel bike" as my wrists complained at me. Then punched myself in the dick, cause that'd be the mountain bike you left at home. Anyway, also saw a train on a rail trail in a surprisingly turn of events