What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


Yeah, that's the first change it's had.

From memory I don't think the oil in the Katipo was as dark on its first change.
Judging from the oil drops inside the top (air-filled) section of the syringe, IMO it look like the oil is in decent condition (still clear) and is just carrying a bit of very fine metal contaminates from the gears meshing. Wouldn't mind betting it actually comes out a a little bit cleaner next time now the gears are run in.
That's either a very thin oil or they've put a moly additive in it.


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Took the fresh oil (and the rest of the bike) out to Somewhere Good for the first time.

It's like a more fun, interesting version of Forest with nicer climbs.

The woodwork is really well built and gave some good heart pounding moments! Including my mate totally freezing on top of the big lump on the roller coaster section.

It's a big drive from Geelong, but was worth it. A good day.




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Somehow got out for two rides today! This afternoon’s was much shorter and very much a winch and plummet affair. I dropped into the first trail here and realised my sunnies were on top of my helmet so had to stop and reconfigure…also figured it was a good spot for a pic and race mode could be switched off (damn Strava) as I’d past the start beacon :p


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Went for a ride...

Picked these up on the way home.

Paid $125 for the park work stand and $180 for the aldi mountain bike. It's heavy, but it's acera ish spec so perfect for a work hack and hitting bike paths. Will probably convert it to a 1x deore setup later.


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Ive got about $500 queued up in shopping carts too lmao.... yeah, you're not wrong.

You're game is still fresh...500 is just the tip! You wait until you're telling yourself that you do need to upgrade those already suitable forks for a micro penis of potentially better performance...and then still need to get them tuned.