What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

pink poodle

No mangoes in Victoria. Not for another 50years or so till it warms up some more. Maybe 25...
Just don't go out there by yourself...

Im kicking back under a tree near the ruins of some once great dirt jumps, dicking around on my phone and eating a mars bar when suddenly there is a sizeable splash mm away from my foot as a huge crow shots down towards me! I got a little on my shoe. Fuckin close call! It smelt like a day ruining experience had been narrowly avoided.

pink poodle

I had a mango tree for a few years. It would grow a lot of fruit but the fruit never really ripened. Bats and rats really liked it though.


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5 days extended super long weekend near Eildon - only got to do one day of riding, but it was good - did a bit of a loop of the Eildon tracks and then talked the missus to do some shuttles of the DH track - a bit greasy in spots made for some sketchy riding, a few dirt naps from myself and both boys. The winning entry goes to #1 son who managed to dint the top tube on the remedy and snap the tokens in the seat post making it a spinning post. Outcome could have been a lot worse. Got back on and did a couple more laps tho. Knee pad paid for itself as it had a huge chunk out of it. That being said looks like the crew at Eildon are doing some good work and putting some effort into the trails over there (exception being the DH track it was a bit blown out). Worth a look if anyone is in the area. Skipped Buxton as it would have been much too wet.