What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


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Slow ride this morning after a couple of rough weeks of Novid. Luckily was riding with a couple of eebs so I swapped going uphill and that saved me a bit. I ducked off and let them carry on.
Good to be back out, top morning this side of the world


Paid $250 for this custom title
It's been a perfect series of days.
Redhill blast on the Fuel Ex-e,
Followed by two days at my Lysterfield local on the Highlander and Paradox.

Then Redhill again for the fourth day and on the Fuel Ex-e again. Very blessed to be able to ride with great mates in fun locations.
I rode an Ex-e today. Thankfully it was a medium and too small for me.
Still, handled well, was agile and still felt like I was getting a workout. Great bike

pink poodle

Look at all you people showing off about riding your bikes. I rode mine to work. I have tomorrow off though, so we shall see...I might go to the forest and see what damage parks have done since the sign was posted. But it has rained here a fair bit since Thursday, so maybe I will just sook instead.


It's Not Easy Being Green
I threw together the hardtail last night for a ride this morning. I stole the brakes and wheels from the dually while I'm waiting for the suspension to come back.

Then today beat myself up at the Youies. First off-road ride on the hardtail for quite a while. I'm going to feel it tomorrow!