What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


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Went to nearly 100 bikes and atoned for my sins this morning, at $5 a pop members price for a barb and olive @ozzybmx your advice is worth it. Sorted out the sons brakes just in time for his lesson at kalamunda.
Went for a little ride by myself (don't tell my wife), didn't hit any trees. Got a bit lost riding trails I've never ridden and checked out some of the new trails. After my sons lesson had finished he wanted to keep riding so we played at the skills park then went out and rode horny devil. Just over 22 km which is my longest ride to date and a lot of gradual climbing.
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That slog up from the Dell up to Black Stump isn’t fun at the best of times!


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Went retro yesterday and punted my 2010 Mongoose Boot'r project bike at the Dirt Devils Ride/Race day at the Lea. I hadn't raced DH in about a decade and never on a full 200mm+ 20kg bike.

Was a bit of a mission to just get the bike on track with fork springs and tyres being delayed in transit and only arriving Friday. A pre-race inspection Saturday night, 4 bourbons deep, found a ton of problems including bent hanger, missing wheel axle cones, contaminated rotors and plenty of loose bolts.

After long hours in the shed I made it Sunday to find the track soaked with lots of standing water. First run down and I forgot I hadn't bedded in the brakes which led to a few hairy moments then the bars rotated back on me 90 degrees. The saddle also slipped back and angled dramatically upwards and could have at least bought me dinner and drinks first before surprising me when I tried to sit on it.

I was also reminded how fast bike technology has changed in 10 years. Old DH rigs are bloody ordinary. Even a large frame is super short with my knees nearly hitting the bars and they are so harsh.

After a couple more runs the bike was riding pretty well and I was feeling comfortable and starting to send features. For all their faults these old filing cabinets soak up the big hits and feel good in the air, even if it was only off 2 metre drops to long downramps.

Anyway the track went to S#it with 60+ riders pounding it and groundwater being pulled to the surface causing mud bogs and creeks. Had a big digger in the practice before race run, having run off course I walked the bike back on track, jumped on slipped a pedal, front wheel hit a rock and I had a slow motion superman OTB.

After all that I was exhausted and despite having a good race run couldn't put the power down when needed but still managed a second in Masters and 24th out of 48ish riders.


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Bought a longer 180mm dropper for my Banshee - 150mm isn't getting out of the way enough for my fat ass with the dropouts on the Prime in Neutral

Also, @PJO found a Honzo frame in good nick for me, so I've snaffled that up. PYR to come when I get my hands on it


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Went to fit the new front mech to the roadie with the spacer adapter (bought the right front mech for the wrong seat tube size).
Realized I don't have a quick link for a 9 speed chain, so just give the chain a clean and re-lube.