What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


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Moved saddle back 5mm and lowered the saddle nose by 5 degrees...and threw out my rooted 5mm allen key...


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Whacked on my new Time Z Control Pedals and BN Token Lock-On grips.
Then went for a two hour ride just to make sure everything was 'nice'.


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Earlier this week I stripped and painted my bars and installed new shifters, grips and chain.

Today I installed new forks, front wheel, rear dérailleur and seatpost. Gave it all a good wash and pulled out the cranks and dropouts and regreased them to remove a creak.

Now I just need to adjust the dérailleur and I'm set.
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Tried to work out what that clicking noise was - maybe the BB, or maybe not.
Oh and thought about fitting new grips, but never got there.
Nearly the weekend.....


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just looked at my dh bike for the last month couple of times just sitting on it wishing i was riding.


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suffered great disappointment

Picked up a new cassette for my spare bike, took off the old one, made a mental note to clean the poor thing, put on the new cassette, spun the pedals and watched the 8 spd chain run at a 45 degree angle over the sprocket to a 9-spd derailleur on a bent hanger to flick wildly between gears. I guess that wasn't the quick solution I'd been hoping for =(

Then, instead of cleaning a months' worth of dust off my beautiful regular bike, I had a nanna nap. Tomorrow, reconnect front brake, scrub 2 x bikes, scrounge new derailleur... and then to work on my side project - a tandem bike which needs a gear cable change!


Roadie - last night tightened the headset (again) and lubed the chain ready to commute to work today. But its raining so bike went back in garage this morning.


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After a wash I moved my Yeti into my office so I can just look at... def having withdrawal symptoms from not riding for a few weeks (jammed my leg up bad)


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Fitted new SLX double 170mm crankset to replace old Stylo GXP double set
New PG990 cassette and white spririted old one to clean it up
New straitline levers in hot pink for Juicy 5's

Nice little upgrades I think and have been meaning to do it for ages.


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Went on my first ride on the new frame - which is exactly the same as the old one but a different colour (warranty replacement). Looks and feels like a new bike even with all my old running gear on it. Happy Chap.


Lockdowns have cut into the blowing hobo market
today i started to pull down the Apollo bike for sale as parts :) mmmm destructive



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Swapped my broken 44t ring with the one generously supplied by Harmonix1234.

Thanks heaps Mike! The black looks even more schmick than the original.