What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


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Quick 20kms with a million walkers to bring up 1000 for the year, finally.
Swapped the chain out as it was at .5, 800ish on the new bike/ chain. Is it a 12spd thing? Shimano thing? My local stuff is quite pedally but I’d still expect more from a chain. I do try to jump on it early these days because I’m sick of paying the money they’re asking for cassettes right now.
Only recently I started looking at distance per chain and I have meticulously swapped them out at .75 or nearly there for years.

Been getting about 1500km out of a Shimano chain on a bike that gets pedalled, meaning bikes like my Deviate clock a lot of kms being shuttled so its not a true reading of chain wear.

Now moved to hot waxing my chains a month or so ago. Got myself some YBN SLA Ti chains that are about twice the price of XT, which supposedly last 6000-8000km and are rated some of the fastest chains about. Will see how that goes.

800km is low and I have never had to replace a cassette with my changing at </=0.75. Only when I overlook a worn chain and take it too far.

Saying that, those cheap chain checkers are not all the same, I have 3 and they don't read the same at 0.75, I use the one that is the loosest and have done for years.


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I’ve had less luck at .75. Maybe I’m using the cassette in a smaller part of the range given my local trails but I’d always get a skip somewhere at .75. Previously 11spd though. XT 12spd is still a good bit cheaper than the Sram/ KMC chains I was buying though.


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hmm 800km does seem low .

I will attest that i abuse chains , the Current is at over 1.0 the cassette is worn.
chain over 2000km , cassette well over 2000km
On an e-mtb will a 100 kg rider , ridden hard , is all conditions .
Till it snaps keep going .

And yes , I have replacements … but I’m seeing how far I can push it hahaha


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Another obligatory North South Track photo.

Mostly exploring the fire trails and making a few wrong turns… And massively underestimating how freaking big and steep the hills are! Am hurting a bit this afternoon….

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Rode up to Junction Cabin on the North South track from Kalang Avenue on Saturday. Back down Old Farm Fire Road to Main Fire road to Lenah Valley. Saw a different orange colored bike up there. (And a giant finger).


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Rode up to Junction Cabin on the North South track from Kalang Avenue on Saturday. Back down Old Farm Fire Road to Main Fire road to Lenah Valley. Saw a different orange colored bike up there. (And a giant finger).
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I was intending to come back that way yesterday, ended up taking the wrong farm road from junction and ended up down the back of south Hobart… Hence some serious hike a bike up the hills along main track…

Feck me those fire trail are STEEP!! Sketchy coming down and got the brakes mighty hot.


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Got out for a lap at Lysterfield this morning. Saw what I assume was The Reverend (enormous bright yellow Deviate Highlander) with a group of mates and a huge collection of bike porn.
Got out this afternoon for another 5.5 km ice cream ride with my daughter on the bike track. Almost got her mum out on her bike as well. Last minute change or heart, maybe next time.


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Back from two weeks on the South Coast NSW - took the bikes but didn't get many rides in. 1st week in Batemans bay - had a couple of runs at the Mogo / Deep Creek Dam loop/s. Great little spot with well maintain trails. Nothing too challenging but fun - took a bunch of novice kids around and they had fun (albeit a little cooked) on an assortment of bikes - proving that 1) youth is wasted on the young and 2) you don't need a fancy bike to enjoy a lot of MTBing. 2nd week was in Huskisson but the SCUM trails were far to wet / closed, so drank beer and ate too much food. Did manage to get lost doing some beach trails and pissed off some walkers as some of the trails were clearly marked no bikes (but screw those guys). Then got really lost and ended up in the middle of nowhere but managed to find a somewhat gnarly trail into Hyam's Beach down a stair set of doom.


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What a waste of good elevation.
Yeah it sure was... One sketchy fire trail I even had to walk DOWN. But i had gotten far too far from home for the amount of water I had - but wasnt quire ready to bail into the other side of town and call Kirsty for a pickup! So slogging it up and down a few fire road hills was the best way home.

Another better prepared explore is in order to find more proper trails :)