What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


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So stack was a little worse it turns out. Problems with shoulder and hip. Seems muscular, with limited movement and a fair bit of pain. Will give it a day and see an osteo if there's no improvement.
It's always so much worse once you cool down. Fingers crossed it's nothing serious for you.

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how was your ride along the foreshore yesty?...nice day for it
Mediocre! Energy level was pretty low, wind was annoying, and the constant tease of rain had me on edge. But it was nice to go for a roll and better than staying home. I also could have drank more water.


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New bike was assigned a consignment number today. Checking every 5 mins, but it's still not delivered yet :(

Parts for the current bike are being delivered today, so I'll be out riding with the bub this week no matter what.


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Rode 25km of sand...

Ace day out.

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From the pic I'm guessing Flinders to Balnarring and back.
You have a very keen eye... I think I took the pic at Balnarring.

But we started at Somers, rode the beach to Sandy Point, then the beach back via Somers to Balnarring... rode some single track down there, and then back to Somers, some more "single-ish" track and looked around the 'burbs a bit. Had a swim, then beer, then drove home.


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Decided that work is for suckers and so spent the morning at Harcourt after doing a gentle roll around the Youies yesterday. Fitness is still crap but it's so nice to be riding proper single track again.
Agressor out back on the Altitude makes a world of peddling difference from the DHR, so glad I've gone with commonality of drivetrains so I can just swap rear wheels around rather than have to change the tyre


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First every shuttle day on the weekend at Bright. That's a lot of fun! 5-6 hours of shuttles with the young fella. Found my limit tho with the Elevation Trail from the top, we made it with a few offs and much puckering - glad we didn't do World Cup or Mystic. Not much experience with that type of trail that's for sure.

For someone who's been pretty shit with jumps 5 or so runs down Hero / Shred Kelly does the trick, collectively cleared about 50% of them by the end.

Not so great for my mate who just got a new MTB, he's still pretty green and was a fair way out of his element - he binned it first run and pulled the pin once we got to the bottom. Had a few decent scrapes but the arm he broke a year ago was flaring up (And he was still shaking after 45mins).


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New bike delivered to the wife's office yesterday (two weeks early!), put it together after getting home from dinner with the in-laws. Skipped the gym this morning to fit frame skin, lube chain and have the inaugural ride around the yard. It'll take some getting used to, but hitting the trails on this thing is going to be so sweet.



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So I fit the Macride to the new T7 yesterday after work, so I could take bub out for a spin, and she chucked a massive wobbly. Flat out refused to get on it, trying to pull it off the bike etc. Put it back on the old hard tail and she was happy as, off we go for a ride around the block. Guess I'll be keeping that bike too then. I won't lie, I'm a bit happy about that.

Took the T7 for the first trail ride this morning at Superbowl before work - what a difference. I didn't realise how much a dropper post would help. Hitting jumps I've always avoided, decents are so much more enjoyable. And proper (and rear) suspension - holy crap. I'm just blown away with how much confidence this bike gives me.