What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

Scotty T

2.6 inches
That's an interesting aero stream line approach to the rail design. Prior to catastrophe did dave find this helped him increase crusing speeds and air time?
I believe the opposite was happening, the crash was a result of decreased airtime most likely caused by the saddle not being a pancake. It's a shame the rail is broken as fitting it now in pancake mode with extra rear sag would surely improve cruising speeds. You'd want to get off it so badly you'd just ride fast.


Being who he is
I rode a bike yesterday which for me is pretty good. It was hotter than it has been in ages in Perth (36.6°C) but after it had cooled off a little in the afternoon rode to the Dianella BMX facility with my son and met one of his schoolmates and dad there for a session. We had the skills track and pump track to ourselves for about an hour and half before it filled up with out of control little kids on bikes and scooters.
Today I'm feeling very unfit