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I'll likely throw them in the recycling when I'm done. They're just not worth the effort.
From the Suntour reviews..
John Dixon on Dec 02, 2020
My Zeron cranks were awful when I got my new bike but the shop I got it from were clueless so I set about fixing it.
Turns out the rough bearings, stiff rotation and creaking were all because the bike shop wound the non drive side lock nut up red face tight. I loosened this of to just finger tip tight, popped the drive side arm back on and it's smooth as anything. This lock nut is unique to SR cranks so setting up wrong can cause problems. If you're stripping threads and bending chain rings though you're either doing it wrong or your bike is cheaper than your riding style.

Fred Nurk

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Took the chain off to isolate the cranks and it is indeed the crankset that's the cause of the bumping feeling! The 8mm hex bolt was a bit loose but even with tightening it was still bumping a bit.

If I spin the crank arms 180 degrees then push down on both arms, I feel the bump (how the fuck do you describe a really short movement?). Spin again and rest, same bump.

I wonder if the bearing pre-loader could do with some tightening? Other than that or using the seatpost breaker to really tighten up the cranks, I'm out of ideas.
Did you use the correct amount ot spacers on the BB?
Did you tighten the BB up correctly prior to installing the cranks?
As per the RaceFace install for other cranks, the test for a correctly installed crank is generally as shown... https://res.cloudinary.com/fox-factory/image/upload/v1586815207/9c61745f3effa50c1dab2c9287079d1a8be41aab_B10187_B_Aeffect_Cinch_Installation_Web___Copy_og8odi.pdf
Despite all the different methods of crank attachment, the play ends up being the same if they're loose.

There's only one place for the play to develop unless the cranks are really fucked, and that's at the connection. Don't lean on the pedals to check crank play...


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It was more using a bearing on something with such a miniscule amount of rotation that had me surprised. I would've expected IGUS bushings or somesuch...
True. I hear it works pretty well though for such a simple system.