What are you listening to NOW?


Been listening to these guys a bit, shattered that I missed their performance in Victoria last I read they were only performing in Tassie, great covers and their originals are great as well, a little different to my usual but a broad mind is great when it comes to music



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Im not sure what to think of this one... Its all very sweet and on first blush a bit twee. But perhaps not shit..? Good enough for a Grammy album of the year, but thats perhaps not a high bar.



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Don't second guess yourself, it's great.

My work means I'm exposed to a load of 'popular' music when I've more of an indie/rock preference, but it's definitely not all rubbish...

Dales Cannon

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Missed this. A mate and I saw Chain at the Royal Mail in Tewantin back in the dark ages. We may have been going out with some young ladies who were connected to the owners so were at the pub when the band arrived. These roadies started emptying the truck, then a few started doing sound checks and later those same few played the gig! Bloody great event and genuinely good guys. They absolutely smashed it in a small venue.