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Just under 1% of the NZ population at that gig. That would be like 3 times the MCG capacity at 1 gig in comparison.
Great band alright.
The Seekers concert in1967, attendence was 200,000 at the Sidney Myer music bowl Melbourne an Au record for a band I believe or 1.6% of the then population.
I'm hoping I don't get kicked out of this thread for mentioning something uncool. :D
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I ate the brisket platter for two...it was ok, but nothing special and definitely wasn't for two.

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Going big. some would say that you are man enough for a double sized portion.

Be glad that the Britney Spears Greatest Hits collection wasn't playing instead.


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Been listening to these guys for a while can’t remember how I came across them but there original stuff is really good, definitely worth a listen.