What are you listening to NOW?


caviar connoisseur
That's a premo selection right there. That album was so damn important in my formative years of figuring out what music I liked. Only album I've ever listened through and simply hit play again straight away when it was done. Also got to see them with the also awesome Sunk Loto at the local bowlo, was a brilliant night.
Faaark that Sunk Loto EP Society Anxiety was just magic from start to finish. Can't believe they were like 16 or something when they recorded that.


with a big stick
Queued up Liz Phair ‘Exile in Guyville’ for the first time in probably 15 years.
How did I forget how good this/she is?


Dr. Beebenson, PhD HA, ST, Offset (hons)
Random YouTube suggestion I'm quite enjoying:

Makes me feel like I'm in the Tron world.