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Been rip snorting my CDs onto a thumb drive. Decided to go all flac. Discovered a few things. I need a bigger thumb drive and some bastard has stolen the Cure CDs. I could use my LPs and to be honest that would give me an extra song but that is too much like hard work. New purchases me thinks.

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Our man isn't in the West

Anyone know what reggae song this shit was sampled with? Asking for a friend.
There is a few samples mixed in the song from a range of musicians, but nothing sampled with anything reggae. The main beat and that peaky guitar loop frequently scratched is what I am guessing you're after? It is from the man widely known as the godfather of reggae, Mr James Brown.

Turn on the heat and build some fire! The beak hits about 415, but is pronounced Clear in the first few seconds.


pink poodle

Our man isn't in the West
Too hot in the hot tub...burn m'self!

I haven't heard that in years! It might be the pinnacle of his Eddie's career.

Been bumping Mr brown since I posted that link above.

PINT of Stella. mate!

Many, many Scotches
A few years back Fred Schneider of the B-52’s made an album called Just Fred with legendary punk producer Steve Albini. The results were surprisingly ace!

However in the course of hunting down tracks from the album on YT I also found this hilarious gem

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Our man isn't in the West
Armoured Saint - symbol of salvation.

I've been listening to a bunch of anthrax over the last couple of days (my favourite of the "big 4"). There is a huge change in their style between persistence of time and sound of white noise (one of my favourite albums as a teenager) which is linked to the change in singer. With John Bush coming from armoured Saint I thought I'd put them on and why not the album they put out just before their dissolution?

I hadn't listened to much of their stuff before and am enjoying this album.