What are you listening to NOW?


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Listened to Muse - Origin of Symmetry XX Anniversary RemiXX earlier on. Can see where they've tweaked a fair few of the tracks.
The original album producer Rich Costey said they didn't re-record anything, which is pretty cool considering what they've done.

Now listening to a mostly instrumental post-rock Spotify playlist because it suits my mood.
It's quite a brilliant remix!


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Got the Sonos Play:5's and sub setup, and the Sonos Old School Hip Hop "radio" channel is dealing up classics, but haven't heard this in ages and was particularly funky:


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Great little tune that’s been on high rotation for me for a while. Got a run on a US radio station we listen to a bit on the weekend. Hope they can turn airplay into a bit of coin.



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Slipknot kind of day today after hearing Joey Jordison passed away aged 46
Holy shit! What now?!?

Edit: Fuck - Just looked at the news. Had no idea his illness had progressed so far. RIP. Amazing drummer. Now I want to donate a few extra bucks to my MS Sydney to Gong ride this year on behalf of Joey to help support people with MS.
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