QLD Wangetti Trail (FNQ)


If I understand the Douglas council's perspective correctly they're entirely justified with the response, based on being saddled with an asset with much greater than predicted maintenance costs and an obligation to maintain it.

What a fucking shitshow.
Politics pulls the handbrake on, it would be better of maintained by a trial care group, particularly the people that are going to profit from it the most. The regrowth and the wet season would mean a lot of work up there.

Fred Nurk

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Drove past the Mowbray bridge yesterday, giant sign and barricade up one end saying do not enter, other side of the sign is the bridge which everyone on the opposite bank is able to use. If that's the kind of thinking that resulted in the trail changes at the Port Douglas end then it's no surprise it's all turned to shit. Kind of sums up the process really, what a debacle.


let you google that for me


let you google that for me
Apparently it'll be a Grade 3 MTB trail (Blue?). If it lives up to expectations then I'd be dead keen to do an overnighter and camp along the way!