WA Riders


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what you mean not allowed to ride? unless you mean the goatfarm on tota fire ban days as it has higher risk than anywhere else so they close it?? go figure

ps thats charlie, guy is nuts on the bike , finish's top 3 in elite in WAGE
Sorry, meant that no one else nationally is allowed here to ride.

I did notice a few familiar faces in there. I’m sure I saw somewhere that Tim Bennett was on the trip; if so it’s a shame a former West Oz international pro couldn’t crack a mention or photo (although his wife is more camera friendly to be fair).


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Yeah, I’ve offered to help out so might end up sweeping for the beginners group or something.
Sweet. If I can get there I’ll aim for one of the lower groups, my fitness is terrible and I end up walking half of Gunjin every time I go there lately.