Vic/Melb burner bash

The Duckmeister

Has a juicy midrange
I could be tempted for 8th/9th, if I can remember where I left my riding ability.....

Can also do 16th, but 15th is when sailing starts back up after the break.
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Spongeplank Dalepantski
9th works for me, 8th I work for work

Down for whatever. Harcourt is fun, but if it's sunny we'll all melt (could be fun watching the ballaratians melt first though? ). Lake mountain is ace, Buxton too if we want something a bit easier on the legs. As long as it's not black hill , count me in

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Cows go boing
Bong on dudeeeeeee!
You catch the shuttle from Marysville after smashing some cones in the carpark.
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One potato, two potato, click
Unless the 3:30 includes ripping a few skids outside canary's place? I figure it's mandatory, but had no idea Google maps factored it in to the travel time

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We don't get as many burnouts since VicRoads put an "extra grippy" surface on the road. It's not as effective now but the bogans gave up trying for a while.
Most burnouts happen outside the ferals' place in the court behind us these days. You can see them bouncing around with that amphetamine hop before they burn off to get the next hit.
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Daniel Hale

She fid, he fid, I fidn't
I'd be keen if the 15/16th works for others? Away until the 10th. Harcourt is good, but damn hot in January. Lake Mountain would be a good one (though less central I concede).
Rode harcourt last night, even at 25dev, was damn hot dusty, trks already blown out, must have been post lockdown rage riding...also vote LM


Downhill Dazz
I was going to point out that Buninyong isn't Ballarat, and that you've punched in lake mountain instead of Marysville. But that wasn't as much fun as suggesting burnouts in front of my sister's place

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Moorey doesn't live in exactly the middle of Bunny either! lol...