VDHS 22-23


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Who got their entry submitted?
I checked the entry page every day this week, waiting. Making sure i didn't miss the 30 second window to enter.
Finally this morning it was showing sport (men's social club :p) opening at 12.00 noon. At midday I rushed to get my entry completed, and 2 hours later it looks like they still have spots available in sport / short travel.
So if you want to enter as a punter, do so RIGHT NOW.

And some questions for anyone concerned...

Has it been capped at 300 TOTAL or 300 VICTORIAN entries? If it's only 300 for the whole country, WHY? Races have sold out in no time flat for at least the past 2 years. They need MORE capacity.
Will VDHS possibly organise a second round at Buller for all the folks who missed out on entering??
Secondly, I was under the impression they were going going try another entry process, as the current one SUCKS and they are still overcharging with the non removable day licence, the same one we aren't allowed to use to enter races in VIC this year..!
Capped at 300 riders total, not sure why you would think 300 Victorians only (i'm sure it will be mostly Victorians however as i'm sure the only states probably don't know about entering within the first few minutes), also don't think many people travel interstate for amateur mtb racing.

No VDHS will not organize a second Buller round, most of the organization is done by the club's volunteers, which don't have huge member bases. Mansfield cycling club which organize the Buller round, already organize alot of events so asking them to do a second round would be insane.

Not sure about the other entry process, VDHS seems to really like Aus cycling so don't think it will change anytime soon. The may entry process may be regarding number of entrants per category where caps were put in place for each category, hence why sport and short travel places were still available. It would be interesting to know what the caps for each category were as if the junior categories (u17, u15 and u19) were only allowing 40-50 entrants per category there is going to be alot of very disappointed kids.