QLD Unobtainium Spacers x 4 (2 x fancy)


Lockdowns have cut into the blowing hobo market
Item: Spacers made from Unobtainium
Location: Bundaberg (willing to post)
Item Condition: New - Unused - Sealed
Reason for selling: Not Needed
Price and price conditions: $1000 + post
Extra Info: 16mm Diameter - 16mm Length - M8 Hole -2 x Scalloped - 2 x Round
Pictures: Sure why not



Is not a gynaecologist but will look at your fork
I approve of the overly excessive use of vaccum sealed , thermally fused postage bags..well played
Maybe a few on here can take a lesson on how it should be done...remember, its the service you are paying for - not the product!
A bag full of confetti and 12 psi of air in it would be a lot more fun.