UK Trail Centres and bike hire?


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I've got a mates wedding in May over in London and will be using it as an opportunity for a bit of a trip. I won't be taking a bike but will be taking a wife (who doesn't ride), so it won't be a 'riding focused' trip. I was hoping to get a day or two at some UK trail centres and was wondering if anyone can recommend any (must have dually hire bikes)? Preferably down south, have friends we'll be visiting in London, Salisbury / Bath and Cambridge. I'm a reasonably fit, experienced XC/trail rider who likes technical single track, any info or recommended trails centres would be much appreciated.


Likes Dirt
The Forest of Dean is not far from Bath - I was over last summer and hired a bike from these guys -

Bikes were pretty good (Trek Remedys) and not too pricey - FoD has some good trails, and you can always take a drive to Cwmcarn for the downhill course which isn't far away.