Trying to fit a tubless Tyre


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G'day, I have bought a pair of tubless tyres (mistake) but still trying to fit them. Got 1 one on but the other seems impossible, walls and bead is thicker than standard tyre and even used tyred levels, snapped 2 trying to fit the things. anyone got tips on how to fit em or strech em before fitting?


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I have never needed tyre levers to fit any tyres.

I use tubeless on both my xc bikes and minnions on my DH bike. The DH tyres are far harder than any XC tyre to put on.

Make sure that the part of the tyre is sitting in the middle of the rim where the dish is and then work litlle by little pulling it on towards you.

Very easy once you know how!


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soap ... make sure opposite bead is in rim groove, work it bit by bit rather than trying to get half a tyre on at once. Otherwise take em back, won't hurt having less weight.