Product Review Trek Slash 9.9 RSL


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Nice write-up Zaf. Red Treks always look good!

Forgive my ignorance - are you a regular punter like me (with an unrelated day job & ride bikes for fun/hobby?)
....or are you in the industry in some way?
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OK cool - I wasn't sure. Doesn't really make a difference but humans being humans, we derive biases etc when we know the review is coming from certain interests or not.

I also do nearly all my own maintenance / repairs / upgrades. (haven't tackled the nitrogen stuff yet!)
I find it extremely satisfying to service or adjust your bike & then hit the trail & notice the improvement. It also means you're not reliant on the LBS all the time.

I want to dislike Trek mountain bikes (dunno why), but they look so damn burly and well finished & solid y'know.

So is the Slash a "keeper" ?....or just another short-term fling ?
My trek rides beautifully although I would like a stiffer rear setup and the trunion mounting system on my bike is a horror - wouldn't have bought it if I knew what I was getting into.

The Slash looks like a top bike for the long descents of NZ that also require a bit of peddle. I've found the Bonty stuff surprisingly durable after having an inherent suspicion for OEM kit. The rear rim on my Remedy lasted me 4 years and I wasn't gentle.
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Absolutely love your contributions, Zaf. Champion

And the fact that I’d never heard of the Raww Madonna & am now looking at what it is...
How do you rate the Bontrager tyres compared to Maxxis? I am currently running a Bontrager SE5 / SE3 combo... but planning to get a Minion DHF 2.5 for the front and use an existing Bontager SE4 2.4 on the rear for more gravity orientated days.

It's been a while since I have used Maxxis as the Bontager tyres have been good.
That original setup is a dumb design for that bolt. The best setups I've seen always have a bolt inside a full length threaded sleeve. This give lots of strength, thread contact and ensures correct preload on bearings. Why the hell Trek would cheap out on this is weird.

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Disappointing from Trek.

What's the dealer/warranty experience been like? A mate has a Trek, some of the stores down here in Melbourne are staffed by fuxking morons, but he's found one that seems good.
Looking at the bolt a second time, it's a super light grade ally? Possibly someone before you over torqued?. Quite respectable spare parts pricing, the likes of spesh and SC should be ashamed.

The Machiavellian intricacies of LBS relationships, that's a whole other 40 page thread :)