Transition BlindSide


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So I'm a bit of a Transition Fan and been looking for a more FR/DH orientated rig.
This frame turned up and the build began.
It's now kinda complete and yet to be ridden in real anger.

Frame - Transition BlindSide V2
Rear shock - DHX 5
Front shock/fork - Fox Talas 180
Handlebars - Deity Dirty 30's
Stem - NS Quark Pro
Headset - NP
Grips - Something that was lying around, TLD something or other
Saddle - Radley Cheeky
Seatpost - DMR 26.8mm post and a shim Was: A bent POS that needs to be replaced, damn you Transition and this 30.0mm post size !!
Front brake - Zee
Rear brake - Zee
Cranks - Truvativ Holzfeller
Chainguide - Gravity Light
Pedals - Deity Decoy
Rear derailleur - SRAM X0
Rear shifter - SRAM X0
Cassette - SRAM something
Front hub - Sun Ringle Abbah SOS DH
Rear hub - DT 350
Front rim - NS Trailmaster II
Rear rim - NS Trailmaster II
Nipples - Fire Eye, green apple 14mm
Tyres - Nevgal 2.5"
Tubes - yep
Total weight - 17 kg (~37-38lbs)

So far its been built up with plenty of borrowed parts.
As you can see the build is in the works.
The wheels are borrowed and will be replaced.
I've got some NS Trailmaster 2's and a rear hub.

The forks have been plasti dipped as I wasn't sure I wanted to commit to changing them to black.
Now they are black I wished I'd just painted them :)

The plan with the whole build is to go green and black.
The latest addition is replacing the pivot bolts with green ones. The old ones were a bit chewed and Transition had them at a dollar a piece !

And for the cable Nazi's I still have not committed the brakes and shifter/RD to this bike...


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Sweet frame, reminds me of my Wish. I bet it feels just as good too ;)

Thought of cutting those cables shorter?


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Got some new stickers and cut my cables.
Also replaced the bent seatpost with a smaller one and a shim.
27.2-30.4mm shim works well on a 26.8mm post into a 30.0mm tube.

Ordered spokes, nipples and a front hub today.
New wheels are NS Trailmaster 2.
Hubs are DT 350 in the rear and Sun Ringle Abbah SOS DH (both black)

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New wheels got built up late last week and when on this weekend.
She's now looking like this:



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Thanks Mick.
Same forks in all the pics.
I pulled off the stickers and plasti-dipped them black.
In hind sight I think paint would have been a better idea..


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Much better now.
Looks like less of a frankenbike. :)

The mismatching greens are poking sticks at my OCD, but otherwise it looks nice.


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Yes, It does look a lot better now than it started out :)

I would love to have matching greens, but in reality it just wasnt going to work out.
As the greens are different on different components I'm ok with it, none of the greens are touching.
The sticker on the fork is the most different, but it was also the cheapest and i dont know how long it will last...