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call me Mia
While I’m in the you Yangs thread though, might as well say that conditions are sandier than 90 mile beach out there at the moment.

I don’t ride out there as often as some but it was the sandiest I’ve ever seen it.
Yep. It’s pretty treacherous and unpredictable. Has been for a while unfortunately.


Dr. Beebenson, PhD HA, ST, Offset (hons)
Yep. It’s pretty treacherous and unpredictable. Has been for a while unfortunately.
Yeah I was really hoping the extra week or so since we last rode would’ve seen the trails “swept” clean a bit, but no. Turns out Trump was right, we need to hire people to sweep the forests for us!


call me Mia
Haha, yeah old mate's spelling is not crash hot
Unlike a fire in that tinderbox.

I’m sure it’s legit…but the kids I work with love to either accuse local Sudanese people of things that didn’t happen…or do things themselves, and blame a Sudanese person.

I reckon I could get a KOM down Cressy if escaping a fire. #stillcounts


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I was out there at the Kurrajong side and there's a heap of sandpits all over the place. Some up to 10 metres long.

The worst of it seems to be on track 16 from the Plantation car park. It's very eroded, roots exposed, sandy and dug out. Not great at all.

Track 17 is still closed from the Plantation car park on the Great Circle Drive side.

Track 14 / Junction is closed from the bottom of the black section to the bottom where it crosses Great Circle Drive.

If you're planning on heading out on the 22nd of Feb, don't do it, unless you'd like to become a moving target.

The entire Park is closed from 5 AM until midday for shooting the ferrals (goats).


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Fire at the YY's apparently



Spongeplank Dalepantski
Fire at the YY's apparently

How do you burn rocks?

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