The You Yangs Thread


Dr. Beebenson, PhD HA, ST, Offset (hons)
Was still closed when I was out there the other day. Was some pretty bad ruts from water runoff before it was closed and can't imaging 100mm of rain helped it.
100%, just seemed a bit odd they didn’t list it on the closures…


Alice in diaperland
You Yangs master plan released...

The .pdf is down near the bottom of the page.

Had a brief skim, relevant mtb info seems to start around page 63.

Mtb hub, with snacks, drinks, storage, toilets etc.

Food truck area at stockyards for weekends/events

Track 1 loop linked from Toynes Rd to Stockyards.

Drysdale Rd resurfacing and larger carpark.

Mtb trail resurfacing/upgrading, weed control, erosion control.


call me Mia
I have no idea... It was just some random kid that was going to do it for $20 off his mates. Didn't get a name or anything. Plenty of kids up there doing silly things could have been any one of them.
Let’s just say it was him. Hope his mates paid up :D


call me Mia
Wait!? I'm not sure I remember that conversation. Was this road gap possibly mentioned whilst I was still winching my sorry arse up Cressy Rd climb...?
FIIK…I just remembered a kid being discussed who was jumping something huge for $20 by his mates…and Matty couldn’t bare to watch…thought it was Eatons…timing seemed right.
I’m an old man, I don’t even recall riding at Youies yesterday.