The Woodwork thread


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Ikea cabinets with my doors and bits, also did the concrete benchtops

oh, and the flooring too.
Aren't concrete tops fun ha ha. I did a school science lab once and had to do stainless steel frames with 200mm thick concrete tops. It was an eye opener


Mitre, domino (floating tennon) and polyurethane glue (purbond). Unbelievably strong, even an eye opener for me when I started doing them this way.
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That PU glue is insane stuff - had a custom 8-setting dining table made using it and we've moved house 4 times and it's still rock solid.

What's that hospital bed in the background - setting up a covid ward at home?


Likes Bikes and Dirt
I make cricket bats, does that count as woodwork?
Scotty you have some skills, love the timber inlays.
That Deffinately counts. I'm made one once. Found an old piece of willows on dad's farm, tas oak handle that I sliced in half with rubber in between and planted a piece of oak on the back then shaped it. I'm pretty shit at making bats my brother broke it trying to hit a snake with it.
You definitely have to post a pick of a bat now. Even a fence pailing counts


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I agree. That is a nice piece. Did you rebate the back and slide it over a cleat on the wall?
No, it’s only pocketed directly under the drawer. The rest is open underneath so had access to screw through the back rails into the studs.