The Woodwork thread


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Nice. Felix is too cool to join Rotorburn, but I’ll chuck up pics of and cool stuff he does.


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This is a little simple project for anyone with a half decent drop saw. Had a work experience kid once that wasn't interested. One day I dressed a small piece of timber and gave it to him and said make something with this. I can't that's not enough to made anything. I showed him this. Measure width of dresses board, set stop to said width, dock 6 pieces, set drop saw to 45°, move stop so blade just touches top edge of board, cut all 4 edges, cut all 6 pieces the same. Boom you just made a cube. Nothing special but it made him look at things differently and he showed a lot more interest from that day on. It is satisfying building things.


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Quite a bit of (marine ply)wood in this composite boat I built from plans. Partially done in the airconditioned, open plan living room :D because it was the Build Up season, and I had to go back home to work before the Mrs and kids from a WA trip. I checked the sliding door measurements so I knew I could get it outside when the time came.
Not classic woodwork, 8 sheets of marine ply, 20kgs of epoxy resin, I forget how much woven glass cloth. Launched in 2013 and still going strong, albeit in much colder waters than originally intended for.