The Vintage Mountain Bike Thread.


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I've found quite a few pictures of vintage bikes floating around, so I thought I'd make a thread dedicated to them!

I'll start :)

Rules for posting in this thread:
1. Must be from 2000 or earlier
2. Must be either your own bike, or
3. As crazy as the first two!
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Bought this one in 1992 .....still got it !

Here's another ol banger - so nice to ride , this one's about '85 /'86

I've still got my original mountain bike , to be restored , and a couple of mid 90's BMX a lovely Mosh and a Mongoose .........Went to buy a new Bike on the weekend and just couldn't part with the bucks ! So, the 'ol bangers it is :D

p.s I actually put some el cheapo shocks on my Giant and got to the end of my street , down to the creek , dropped in and blew em ! So anyone got some 90's Rock Shox ? ?
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spanky's pre 2000 santa cruz heckler.... complete with spin carbon fibre rims

still riding the same frame on a very regular basis...... the spin rims are still getting used too... though, not as much...


p.s. frame was made in 1996, as the next years model came out with a bent top tube... Oh, and there's for lots of great bikes....
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rules for posting in this thread

1. must be from 2000 or earlier

2. must be either your own bike, or

3. as crazy as the first two



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Love the above Heckler. There was one similar to that on the old Visit Mt Beauty tourists guides. Bloody beautiful!


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There seems to be a bit of a mid 90s DH flavour so far...

I think I may have to go take some pictures to even things up ;)

Matt H

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I shall post a picture of my commuter, the mighty marin bear valley, when I get a chance...

It has "Afterburners". :confused: