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How the fuck don’t you notice ALL your bolts have come out? Imagine the sound, let alone the brake likely not connecting with rotor?
Perversely, the combination of locating lip on the hub and the narrow pad gap in the caliper would conspire to hold the rotor somewhat in place through the brake. No bolts brings a new dimension to the term "floating rotor" though....


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They build the jump first, then the lander only gets dirt thrown at it until someone gets impatient and decides its time to send it :)
Sorry should have said "quick rhetorical Q" ;)
More pertinent, why DON’T adults?
Because we understand that the landing is what gives you speed for the next jump, not the 100m run up across the footy oval.


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I need to make a pair of soft jaws to hold a 31.6mm dropper. The plan is a 1 1/4" hole drilled through a block of wood that will then be cut in half so that I can put the post in it in the vice. Is this going to work?