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What was my password?
If you use the "site:" switch in the Google search engine like in my example you can refine your search results to any single site of your choosing.
Also if you want a specific couple of words (phrase) chuck em in like this, can add additional words to search for as well if you want to find the most de-railed threads; for instance:
"dual cab" Haakon
will lead you to this gem (which you're already familiar with) haha :p:)


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When I was cleaning out the garage, I found this partially complete fork I had forgotten about. What is this and how much is it worth?
What's it weigh? Magnesium scrap is almost at 30¢ a kilo now.

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There you go. Pretty sure most I’ve received have had the air pressure released.
I didn’t read earlier posts so not sure the context of the discussion. I came here coz Moorey tagged me :)

Best not to deflate completely or at all ... never go below 50psi IMO ... really I can’t see why you would want to go below 100psi on anything abo 100mm travel.

We air freight most shipments of droppers and cartridges (pre covid anyway) ... and all are fully pressurised.
About 3 or 4 years ago, KS started shipping all posts fully extended ... which helps with shelf life as it reduces air pressure during storage/transport.
x-Fusions are all extended and at full pressure
Yep are all extended and at full pressure.
Based on box sizes, Fox and RockShox are all extended.

my theory: air pressure is needed to stop/reduce the oil aerating ... this is way you have air pressure in suspension dampers anyway. Dropper circuit is different to suspension but similar principles I think
Similarly taking the air out creates an imbalance so any air in the oil percolates out and has more opportunity to become trapped above the oil = squishy death.
This is more from observation as opposed to technical knowledge via detailed analysis.

squishy death bad => don’t deflate ... keep posts extended when not in use.

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Someone on the vintage pages might give you a couple of irony dollars. Haven't got the brace?
Astroboyracer might want them, as long a there's proof that they're, gluten free, not vaccinated, don't leave contrails and have a 5G blocking device fitted.

Been so long, but it's like falling off a bike...