The last movie you've last watched last


Merry fucking Xmas to you assholes
Finished Succession. Rare that a TV series finishes as strongly as it started, let alone one where there's ample material to keep it going, but still a 10/10. Where will I get my fix of Logan telling people to fuck off now?
Fuck off!

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L ' innocent at the Darwin deckchair cinema, very funny with enough darkness, and like most French films so well made.
Ok, I only really posted this to brag that we were in Darwin after doing the Gibb from Broome, a wonderful month off from life, work and weather in Melbourne


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Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse

Amazing animation, really amazing. The final battle was epic.
Soundtrack is not my jam but fitting to the story.
Bit of humour, bit of emotional feels (nothing too feelsy).
Some nice Easter eggs for Spidey fans within the film, and of course in the end credits.


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My sister recommended (then gifted me) 'JCVD'.

What a steaming pile of shit. Tried very hard to be clever and didn't get close once. Looked like someone had smeared a tub of vaseline on every camera lens used, and the storyline was both dull and so incredibly obvious it felt like there must be going to be a unexpected twist at the end (Spoiler alert - there wasn't). It even "breaks the fourth wall" for a quick plot recap mid-film seemingly just for the sake of it. Seriously WTAF...

-3 out of 5 stars. I didn't even pay for it and I want my money back.
Not really. Both are of their time. I like both.

You should read the book they are based on: 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep'.

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I think I would like to watch it again, there were some distractions in the early part of the movie.

Defo gonna read that book.

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Blade Runner 2049

i liked it, i think I’m still processing it.

comparing it to the og I guess is a bit unfair ?

I liked it. Visually it is awesome. Story...well the original has a much better story, and so much better ending.

Did you see all the little mini films they made that are set just before 2049 starts?


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Watched Extraction and Extraction 2 over the weekend. First one is surprisingly good, f***ing crazy action sequences while being somewhat 'grounded' or believable or whatever, like a more brutal Bourne movie. Second one is considerably stupider plot wise, but still worth a watch if you like things with explosions in them.