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spiderman is great, miles morales was good too if not a bit short.

I still regularly use my Vita and laptop is on its last legs, so keeping an eye on the Asus ROG Ally reviews
anyone else still using handhelds?
Still using an Original PSP here, only replaced the battery twice and thats it.

Also Sony just announced this, not sure how it will work with the disc games, as thats all I try to buy.
Sony’s new Q handheld is official: 8-inch screen, streams PS5 games - The Verge

Yes, but it's the digital version.
I don't buy the disc's anymore.
I try to get the discs sometimes the prices are a bit cheaper, but the subscription service looks good. We just lost a whole heap of saves as got the first edition of the PS5 disc version (and you need to pay the subscription to restore your saves from the old console) that had the overheating issue (was a gift so tried to play through, EB knew the issues so the swap was straight forward after that)


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finished reading one of the Witcher books, got inspired to fire up the game and go looking for some interesting side quests I hadn't done

The two DLCs are down to $35 for the both of them, I heard good things about them, another 30 hours of game play so for the next month or so I am Geralt of Rivia.

My wife will not enjoy this next month with my witcher commentary "hmm the toaster , warm, must be toast somewhere' or "hmm, dog turds in the yard, mmm, yep dog turds, lucky I didn't step in them" etc etc etc etc etc

My son even less so when I start to refer to him as Dandelion
Don't forget the classic "hmmm cold, wind's howling" :D as well as occasional difficulty trying to jump a low fence or do the 'running man' dance move in front of a wall or tree when you didn't change direction.
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