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In all honesty, I prefer to play games that require some strategy, patience, stealth etc. This stuff is just too hair trigger and far too reliant on how good your internet is. I hate to think I'm in a lobby full of people that have some kind of cheating going on (and I have no idea what is used to create these cheat-aids) but when I play a game where my kill death ratio is 3 kills and 34 deaths...........the winner of the match has the complete opposite. In the first 10 seconds of several games I played over the Beta weekend, I saw killstreaks appear the same second the first kill of the match appeared.
Anyway, no biggy. It isn't my kind of game but I see that its fun enough for a quick game or a social thing. We did a Rotorburn (Farkin) lobby a long time ago and it was hilarious.
Don’t play Warzone if you want a fair game. I think the cheats get called out and there are some very very good players out there.

If you are playing team death match that’s not where the tactics lie. Also I assume you are a contributing member of society up against people with nothing better to do. Back in the original MW2 days I was at uni and put 10 hours a week into it at a minimum. My K/D was around 1.3. I have put 19 hours into Vanguard and my K/D is slightly below 1. I would argue it isn’t very ‘quick game’ friendly but more something you need to put 20 hours into so you can level up a few guns and get a feel for the maps before it’s any fun.

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