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Hi All,

I am a newbie and never been to Forrest. Hoping to head out sometime this long weekend for a day trip:wave: (having a kid prevents me from staying overnight.

If you had 3 hours riding time which route which you ride to maximise the time out there (4 hr return trip a total of 7 hrs )

Edit: Skill level is intermediate. I can do blue and some black and You Yangs

Being time limited in the past, I would park at the car park nearest to the Apollo, and ride towards the dam. Follow the signs from the main road. Ride Red Carpet (or is it Magic Carpet) a fair easy but long climb, and 15 minute bomb downhill.

Once you get back to the car, hop in a drive down towards Melbourne and park at the other car park on the other side of town. Can't remember what the names are, but there is a valley track which everyone knows is amazing, and a very jumpy track on the side closest to Melbourne. Key word explore!

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For your 3hrs you'd probably want to head out to the yaugher trailhead(north side of town)
Pickup a map in town at "the corner store" a cafe/bike store just behind the main road on the same street as the caravan park, and join up some trails depending on your speed, my suggested route would be as follows, head out on super loop east, loop around to grass trees, then mariners run, foxtail, add yo yo if you are feeling fresh still, but it's hard work, or I would continue back onto super loop and get onto Casper black, this ones quite long but worth the trek. Back onto super loop head back to the carpark, and finish off with J2.

The southern trail head is also great, linking up with red carpet as well but that's probably only a 2hr loop with a bit more climbing. You'll get more variety of trails over at yaugher


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Thinking about heading out there with some friends for the weekend in June/July. How well do the trails cope with rain though?


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can anyone comment on the trail conditions at the moment? thinking of heading down sometime this weekend


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Run Forrest on this Sunday June 8th

Just a heads up that Run Forrest is on this weekend, and Red Carpet at least, will be out of action for part of the day. I haven't ridden here for close to twenty years, so I don't know how this affects other tracks.

More details here


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Gday all, looking for a bit of info on the Forrest trails.

I'm planning on heading there on Tuesday and there's no info that I can find. The ride Forrest web site looks like it hasn't been updated for ages.

Anyone know how the trails are holding up there at the moment?


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Heard from some locals last week that Yaugher is holding up very well. Some recent trail work already taking place. I think red carpet loop should be fine as well maybe a bit damp, 4&5&6 would be the wetter spots and locals t and to stay away until late spring for those trails. I believe the corner store is back open again as well

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The southern section tends to get a bit mucky, but Red Carpet the Yaugher loop are on a more sandy-flavoured dirt so hold up very well.


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I rode from Lorne to Forrest the other weekend and the southern loops were pretty wet and sloppy (didn't help on a cx bike). I didn't ride northern end but as per previous they tend to hold up alright at this time of year? Have fun!


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23 July 2016 Written by Sandy Maxwell

Trails currently closed for winter


Recent inspection of the new works on Red Carpet would indicate that it is just holding up okay.
However if it is to be left open any longer, especially with the recent rains the potential for damage is pretty high.
That combined with the safety issues has prompted their closure.
It's not been a decision taken lightly but the Forrest MTB club and DELWP have agreed the closure is necessary.....short term pain, long term gain.
This will be re assessed on September 1st.

There is plenty of stuff still open and the Yaugher trails are in great condition.

I particularly like this little closing comment :spy::

STRAVA is watching.


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The Boy and I went to Forrest for the first time yesterday. That Red Carpet is a whole lot of fun! Some proper old school Otway mountain biking there. The climb up Barlidjaru damn near killed me, but it was worth it. We'll check out the Yauger section next time.


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Been on the hit list for a scope out for years, still haven't managed to get there.. heard many good things though. 155mm bike is overkill I know, but pedals well, worth a visit on the big rig?


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I took the Sight (140/150), and I'm glad I did. It wasn't as easy on the climbs as the 120mm 29er would have been (although I would have struggled regardless because it was still me riding it), but I really appreciated having the more gravity-oriented bike on the way back down. It made things a lot more fun.


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Now if only Forrest has some shuttle-able descents like those at Blue Derby (Tassie), I'd be a very very happy camper.

Not that I'm not already a happy Forrest camper..... :dance:


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Holy shit, I'm never riding the second half of track 15 again!

Well, I say riding. Pushed up probably half of it.


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Never ridden that, is it all fire track (looks like it)?
No, there's a lot of single track. The first part of it is fun and challenging, up to the point where it meets up with the main loop. After that, you bomb down a fire trail, which is a lot of fun, but then it's mostly either really steep climbs, or twisty descents where you're on the brakes the whole time. NOT FUN.


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Looking at going to Forrest for the first time on Saturday. What are the recommended tracks to hit up? Should be there for about 3-4 hrs, so should get 30-40 km's of riding in.