The election thread - Two middle-late aged white men trying to be blokey and convincing..., same old shit, FFS.

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The primary issue is we've now pissed away an enormous amount of time and yet the previous Government was implying that a 2040 delivery time wouldn't have any impact on the current operation capacity of the Collins Class subs which will be circa 45 years old by then. They said this with a straight face too.

So we'll buy them in. And piss away yet more local manufacturing knowledge and expertise at a time when those skillsets are arguably more valuable than ever, especially in defence. Except we can't because the UK and USA don't have the capacity to build them for us.

TL/DR: this may actually exceed the Hawaiian holiday for the most offensive fuck up that untrustworthy **** Scomo hoisted on this nation during his "leadership."


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Reckon they might be functional by then?
I reckon we will lease some of the Los Angeles class subs as they are replaced with Virginia class subs.

There's 4 of them that weren't built to the upgraded 688i spec that will be due for refuel/decommission soon. These could refueled/upgraded in the older drydocks that can't fit the new Block V Virginia class subs.

See Perun for the drydock issue.

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I am all aboard for this one, as long as it is the USS Dallas from The Hunt for Red October which is proven sub.
Give it a quick paint job and call it the 'HMAS Dubbo'. Sorted.
Let's get four...
HMAS Mt Buggery (you know we are going to aim there anyway)
HMAS Banana (for when it goes too deep)
HMAS Snowtown (to put the wind up em), and for effect
HMAS Chinaman's knob (just a random name)


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The media has change so much since these quotes. So much so that we are not bothering to get a free to air TV in the new house as no ever watched these channels in the old house. It did make me reflect that all my media is now online and mostly memes these days and then I go look for the story. I live in such a bubble now.
What scares me is the next gen that are growing up in that bubble, and only a very few go look for the story. It's just bulk meme-life nihilism.


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Police officer Daniel Keneally (son of ex-NSW Premier Kristina Keneally) falsely accused Luke Moore of threatening to kill detective. accused spent 3 weeks in max security jail. Phone conversation was taped and no threat was made. The wrongly accused man was offered 170k in compensation.
Moore is apparently now sueing NSW police (??)

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We didn't want the nuke version of the French sub because at the time we didn't want the nuke version of anything because without a nuclear industry of our own we become reliant on other nations for servicing.
Watch the first Lib government after getting the subs say" we need a nuclear industry now to fuel our subs", they're playing a long game]

Libs also kept floating the idea of using SA as the world's nuclear waste dump.