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Damm that looks good, I should have tried to get you to present a roast pork masterclass when you were in sandgroper land.

I could fly in for a rock star shift. Just need to line up some groupies.

This was a shoulder rather than my usually belly option and I did it a little different.
- take it out of the stupid net and lay it out flat, skin down.
- make some incisions in the meat.
- seasonings of choice (I did dry oregano, chili flakes, fennel seeds, sesame seeds, salt). You can use mustard as a binder if you want to.
- layed it flesh side down on a lot of garlic and some oil (I use olive oil)
- slice up the skin how you like (I am going through a diamond phase).
- salt it and let that sit for a few minutes to sweet.
- oil the skin then more salt.
- maybe 75-90ml of water in the pan, just a little. I don't normally do this for pork when I am after crackling but I put water with pretty much everything else I roast.
- into the oven at 200⁰c for 30 or so minutes.
- more salt, rotate the meat, oven down to 180⁰c until you think it is done.
- rest about 20-30 minutes
- always carved skin side down so I don't squish the meat or bust up the skin. I have 2 knives especially for this part of the job.

I didn't use any time or temp monitoring, I just winged perfect medium. I am pretty sure the water helped keep the pork moist. In the past I have sat the meat on orange slices for a beautiful freshness. Orange goes very well with fennel and chili.


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I think I may have over catered on this one...

Mrs took the kids to the theater tonight so I thought I'll do something I can chuck in the oven and forget while I get time to sit and watch some rugby highlights and have a quiet beverage or two. Did not even come close to finishing.



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Was delicious, was a bit overdone but really tasty, sandwich for lunch tomorrow I think, should be better than average.


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Been making this taco dinner recently. Low on spiciness so the squids still eat it. But hot sauce goes well with it.
Steak marinade is orange juice, lime, paprika, onion powder, and garlic - for a few hours (or overnight). Then std sides and soft tacos. Along with sauces, some hot honey drizzled over is the bomb!



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I made crunchy sweet potato fries yesterday. They were almost good but I left them in the air fryer a bit too long and burnt them a bit..

Round two should be better!


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For any of you fisho types, I know this is a contentious issue amongst us...As most people whom fish for them don't actually like to eat them!
But one of my boys caught a massive Australian Salmon last week, and usually I would prepare it and chuck it in the smoker, but he has been begging me to do a ceviche for ages.
I first had ceviche when I did my inca trail trek in Peru just before the world went to shit in 2019, and haven't really thought of giving it a try since, but as the weather is warming up, I thought what better time.
Well fcuk me, how easy and delicious..healthy too
Now I need to catch a few other species and try out some other types....definetely a keeper recipe for the long hot summer ahead