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Are you sure? Tea requires boiling water. Espresso machines don't boil water because it ruins coffee.
When you are next in Newcastle I'll take you to the local tea rooms (also my tea supplier at work) for an afternoon of talking tea. But different temps for different teas, most in mid-90s which is where your espresso machine should be pumping out water.

I don't disagree with this fellows revelation. You aren't paying for the tea or coffee, you're paying for the convenience (with take away) or hiring the table space (when dining in).

Never tried the eggs on the wand @ausdb . It always seemed like a bad idea.


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I'll tick off the first two, never really enjoyed tea from the boiler water so use the kettle for that and probably the last but not intentionally. I've heard of the scrambled eggs but never been game to try it, have you? What sort of fancy foams?
I've done scrambled eggs with the wand and it worked ok but a hot pan can brown the butter a bit before you throw the eggs in and you can't replicate that with steam. Custard works brilliantly.


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When you are next in Newcastle I'll take you to the local tea rooms (also my tea supplier at work) for an afternoon of talking tea. But different temps for different teas, most in mid-90s.
I don't think I've ever been to Newcastle so that may be a while. I just checked my tea collection only two require anything other than boiling (95°), the green tea and the green tea with lemon. My kettle's temperature dial doesn't really get any use.


So a productive day in the kitchen today as I’m still coughing like anything, so I decided to do some meal prepping to get some healthier food into my diet again. So I set up 7 meals with a little bit of everything - brown rice chicken veg etc, so whilst I was in the mood Mrs Cammas had brought a scotch roll of pork shoulder. So on goes the oven for some slow cooked pork seasoned with garlic, ginger, turmeric, cumin, salt then in the last 30 minutes a drizzle of maple syrup. Served with roasted pumpkin, mashed potatoes mixed with sweet potato and some peas & corn, went down a treat with the family plus I have an extra meal for work tomorrow.
Anyhow here’s the pork, the only downer was no crackling with that cut


Genuine 1960's "Cookery the Australian Way" fried rice made on Saturday night with my daughter as she seems to be obsessed with all the chopping and the egg "pancake" after making it with my sister.

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Was a staple of my diet growing up and I cooked a ton for my kids, with 5 kids was always bang for buck dinners, especially when they started to bring partners home.


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A couple weeks back I made a chilli sauce from an assortment of chillies that I roasted with some garlic in the oven to put on a bit of a char . I hit it all + salt in a jug with the stick mixer but rather than the usual vinegar I thought I'd give vodka a go. It was pretty good but not next level good, the acidity was really missing. Wednesday night I fixed that with some lemon juice and thinned it down a bit further with a bit more vodka. Now it's had a couple of days for the flavours to temper it's frigging amazing.
Will do again.


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I've been trying to conquer my fear of smoking brisket lately. Did a point end yesterday, should have cooked the whole thing. Japanese cow meat is almost cheating, this was MB6-7 score, very tender and forgiving. Probably should have taken it out of the Weber an hour or two earlier.



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