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Doing a cookup tonight because my normal Monday weekly routine is completely rooted atm.

Braised pork mince with chili, leek, garlic, baked beans and a handful of cheese AKA Mincemess

Aged local rump cubed and browned with baby mushrooms then slow cooked with peas, carrots, and Beerenberg Worstershire sauce, and sweet potato cooked in veg stock on the side

Curried chicken breast slow cooked with red capsicum, snow peas, slivered carrots, leek, and will chuck in some chinese cabbage at the end, to be served with Hokkien noodles

Drumsticks baked in the turbo oven with Bush Spice, and baked potatoes, carrots, and cauliflower with mountain pepper salt and turmeric.

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Bit of traditional beach camping fare. Honey soy chicken on rice.

Drips of Plantagenet Omrah Cab Sav optional extras.

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You know those days where you wake up fairly confident it's all going to go to shit? Well that was yesterday, but I also had a couple of hours in the morning to fluff about before it happened. One of my friends shot me a "I'll drop by in about an hour..." and it triggered me into cooking. About an hour? I'm pretty sure I can cook a piece of pork belly before he gets here. Because who doesn't have a bunch of single serve portions of pork belly pieces cryovacced in the fridge?


I haven't cooked in weeks. Damn this was good!

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aka stickchops
Just back from a bit of coffee and Christmas food talk with my mum. I love Christmas food! But I can't decide if I am going to bake a ham or a turkey...why not both? Space+time+mouths=volume and ham and turkey both seem to come in large sizes. Maybe I do ham and quail or try to get some pheasant...not sure I can convince some of the mouths to go for that, but it's Christmas!!! I'll eat the pheasant myself.

Anyway, what are some Christmas food secrets getting around?

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Small just means cook more! Confident there will be ham but I won't hear a word against turkey. It's so good. But it isn't pork belly!

Which I cooked this morning again because why not? Some time recently I had a day off and a week that seemed normal and not busy, so I went grocery shopping. I purchased a few packs of cryovac pork thinking I'd eat it over the slow week. Well it just turned out that someone had kind of forgotten to roster and the week was a shit fight...pork uncooked. Forced it out this weekend to avoid another end of life throw out. Rubbed the underside on this one with a bunch of spices. It was awesome.


Will be a while before I have a chance to cook again.

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aka stickchops
That reads like a tasty dish! But a lot of work. Have you made it yourself?

Would definitely use butter. Margarine comes from Satan's cock.


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That reads like a tasty dish! But a lot of work. Have you made it yourself?
Nope, I very rarely cook to a recipe tbh. I think it sounds harder than it is though. It’s still mostly a one-pot meal aside from hauling the meat out for a bit once browned.

Agreed on the margarine, but Mum remains convinced it’s the “healthier” option.