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I think the Ripmo is a bike I would really enjoy, more of a longer legged trail bike which pedals well, rather than an all out enduro bruiser.
Was very close to grabbing one about 12 months ago and still kick myself for it.

Having said that, they definitely don't look like a great bike, aesthetically.
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Very nice @pineapplehead :)

Spoiled for riding you blokes.

As the others have said, George Town trails were actually pretty good. We were there just after a night of heavy rain and the trails were beautiful.

Grab a shuttle pass and you will be able to ride all the trails in one day. We spent 2 full days there, definitely worth a visit.


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I’m in the outer suburbs of Derby too. ( I like that).
Tipporee(?) will be even better than the Georgetown trails I hear. Going to be really spoilt.
good value the AF seems


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Having said that, they definitely don't look like a great bike, aesthetically.
bah ! beauty is in the eye of the beholder and stuff. Frames where the top tube line flows into the seat stays do look better, but you don't see that when you're riding. IMO the silver looks better than the red. My colleague at the bike shop was encouraging me to get the red version but to my eyes the red wasn't quite right, a bit orange. That's on various PC monitors though, there's prolly a red one in WA by now and maybe it looks better IRL.
I usually favour function over form, chose the Ripmo AF based on the positive reviews from varied sources, praising it's handling and pedalling qualities. It's way better looking than any Giant though.

Got some bits to fit yet, Magura brakes for a Shigura setup, a OneUp dropper to install when the right I-spec mount turns up in a week or two, and an XT shifter for more shiftiness. Currently wearing a Dissector/Assguy combo. Hardly ridden it yet but will get my arse into gear eventually.