STOLEN TAS Various mountain bikes - Merida & Norco.


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My wife works in outdoor education at a school in Hobart and some shit stain has stolen all of the mountain bikes out of a locked shed. Details are a little light for most for the bikes. The Meridas are pretty old 26er hardtails with v-brakes and 3x Shimano drivetrains. The Norcos are in various sizes and are essentially brand new.

Serial NumberModel
J009663Merida blue/black
AD10F04323Merida silver
K0099795Merida blue/black
H014821Merida blue black
K008072Merida blue black
K008042Merida blue black
L012510Merida blue black
PL08L00053Merida grey
P1029M140-183GT Outpost grey
PL08L00060Merida grey
PL8I08025Merida red
0GE1J426602021 Norco Storm 4 Black
0JE1J411232021 Norco Storm 4 Black
0GE1I359212021 Norco Storm 4 Black
0GE1J561532021 Norco Storm 4 Black
0GE1J450002021 Norco Storm 1 Red

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